This is crazy

My Crazy Chinese Adventure

So I just got to Beijing, and it’s quite a bit different then I expected. But to be honest I don’t think you could prepare yourself for it without just going. The amount of people is astonishing. It seems to me there is almost no possible way to cram anymore people into this amount of space. We flew here from San Francisco after a whirlwind “farewell tour” that included seeing almost every stretch of both mine and my girlfriend Michaela’s families. After going from small town Illinois through San Fran, we took the epic flight. Everything actually went reasonably smoothly but I think that is mostly due to Michaela’s tireless planning. We will be here for a year teaching English at a local Kindergarten. I’m going to post my experiences as they happen for your reading pleasure. I still can’t believe I’m in China. Man, this is crazy…

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